Man in Nashville Worried For His Safety Because Of Neighbor’s Lovabull

Have you seen this story out of Nashville where a man is claiming he’s concerned for his own safety while his neighbor’s pit bull is out?

Apparently Charles Alexander seen below has said he and his 12 year old Daughter are scared to go into their backyard while their neighbor’s pit bull is in their backyard.

Charles Alexander

Charles captured video footage of Daisy, who can been seen jumping toward his back door and window recently.

According to Mr. Alexander, the neighbor’s yard is fenced in, but the dog frequently likes to dig under the fence or jump over it to get into his yard.

nashville lovabull

A recent quote from this man revealed that this pit bull had gotten into his yard 5 times and was aggressive 2 of those times.

But he also was quoted saying that as far as he knows, the dog has not attacked anyone.

Watch the video of this pup and then sound off in the comments with your thoughts on what the neighbor and the Lovabull owner should do in this situation.

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  • Heidi Noel Cabrera

    Yeah…”violations that they don’t see”! Because there aren’t any. “Preemptive”? More like prejudiced and discriminatory. That dog was wagging her tail. I’m no expert but even a layman can tell that the dog was not exhibiting any signs of agression.

  • Nicole Shane

    1) this is a bad dog owner 2) there’s no sign of aggression but I understand why uneducated people might mistaken her behavior in the video for aggression. Aggression would be her tail ticked, head hanging low, ears back, teeth bared. Obviously she didn’t display any of those. As for the hair standing up on her back, yes SOMETIMES that goes along with aggression but my dogs hair stands up when he sees a bird outside while he whole time whining. 3) in my opinion, I noticed this poor dog’s nipples to be hanging making me assume she had a litter. Could there be more to what’s going on in his neighbors home with this off. I’ll give benefit of the doubt and say it was an accidental litter or a purposeful and HUMANE litter for the RIGHT reasons but you never know. 4) if this dog is put down for the actions of a HUMAN AGAIN! I will be very pissed. It’s never a dog’s, or animals, fault. It’s always the human. And this guy could’ve handled this way better than to blast this on the news where he need loves to stereotype this breed and then all of its ignorant followers join in. He could’ve went to the neighbor’s house and talked with him. After that fails, he could of put up concrete posts or pour concrete on the part she dogs. Use your brain people!

    • Chanel Paris Brito

      Totally agree!

  • Chanel Paris Brito

    I don’t feel like the man is out of line for not feeling safe… any dog that is not your own should be treated with caution… and I can totally understand why some one who isn’t familiar with very excited and energetic dogs would think she might be agressive… as a pit bull owner I know that they ate greatly misunderstood and alot of times judged just because of their breed but I’ve owned four pitbulls I’m my twenty seven years and they are the most loving and loyal pets any pet owner can ask for… is this man wrong for not wanting his neighbors dog in his yard, pitbull or not? No, I wouldn’t want my neighbors dog (even if it was a chihuahua) in my yard… I think the owner of the pitbull needs a lesson in responsibility…