Ella is all ready for #NationalDogDay today with her new scarf!
Lovabull NationalDogDay
Is your Lovabull ready too?

Lovabull NationalDogDay 2

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Lovabull NationalDogDay 3

Lovabull NationalDogDay 4

  • Jenn Galea

    The photo on the bottom is from our long 20hr drive to visit family, and the top was today when we arrived. Let’s just say she was super excited to be out of the car and running around! Happy National Dog Day to Bailey and all of your fur babies! ❤️

  • Becca Johnson

    Honey bear and mama hanging out with some friends on a beautiful Colorado day! #nationaldogday @beccca_babbe on @4thgensironman truck!

    Also we shared your blog on via Facebook. 🙂

  • Caleigh Wright

    Happy #NationalDogDay from my fur babies, Paullo and Luna. @caleigh.wright

  • Shaileen Hill

    The first picture is when I rescued and welcomed her to my family about 6 years ago! The second picture is last year when she decided she wanted to model for me. Her name is Nollie and she has come a long way. She used to be skittish around people and kids. Now she is full of energy, loving, and the biggest cuddler❤! #NationalDogDay @shaileenh

  • Lesley Anne Collins

    @buttafly5371 HAPPY NATIONAL DOG DAY to all!! This is Macho 🙂 (shared via FB!)

  • Mandy McMillion

    Happy National Dog Day from my Furbabies! Bruno is 7 years old and Ryder is 7 months old. Everyday is dog day in our house. My Gentle Giants ♡ @A_Mcmilli828

  • Monique Castellano

    Carmelo #happynationaldogday @mo_70

  • Courtney Garrett

    This is Wyatt, my 5month old pit! He’s the best cuddler, photogenic, loving dog I’ve ever had. He has my heart completely. He’s also deaf which makes him that much more special, cause now we have a bond that can’t be broken. He’s my best friend. 🙂 @pitpupwyatt

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  • Tasha

    Here is princess Lucy! She wanted to share her modeling poses with u guys! Enjoy 🙂 #nationaldogday @pret_t6

  • Queren Herrera

    #HappyNationalDogDay so proud of this
    handsome guy! We Rescued him from a shelter and will Furever be our baby! He’s such a sweetheart with everyone, I will always fight for my lovabull! #1YearAgo and#Now @queren_herrera

  • Amelia Bahr

    Horray for dogs!! I’m Penelope, an 8 month old Pit Mix. My picture is from hiking in Wyoming with my mom and dad as we moved across the country from NJ to Seattle in June! Mom says you really get a sense of how sassy I am from my pose 🙂 #NationalDogDay @penny.the.pit

  • Lairin

    #NationalDogDay @azlboogie #Tankmylove #rescue #pitbull
    I was able to adopt Tank from Arizona from a friend that was unable to care for him anymore. He just had a baby and could not give Tank the love he needed. His only option was to find a home or take him to the shelter. I am in San Diego and refused to let him drop him off at a kill shelter. Tank is out of the same litter my little girl Mylie came from. Mylie passed away at two years old so Tank was family to me. I had to take him in and show him the California life! He loves the ocean, car rides, chasing birds, becoming a lap dog, and he is always by my side. I am the lucky one, not him.

  • Stephanie Boutin

    Hey! The first picture is of our handsome rescue, Diesel. He is a pitbull/plotthound/boxer mix and is 7 years old. The second picture (not sure why it’s sideways) is of our little runt, Nalla, who is 4, with our Maine Coon cat, Bella. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when rescuing two pitbulls four years ago, but we’re sure glad we did and I will defend this breed until the day I die. They bring so much happiness (and craziness) into our lives. #happynationaldogday!

  • Meredith Cosby

    The first picture is of the baby of the family, Helix. He’s a 3 year old pittie bloodhound mix from a local humane society. His older, also adopted, brindle brother Auggie is a 6 year old pit bull who lets him get away with anything. The last picture is just to show how inseparable they’ve been since day one(: #NationalDogDay @meredith_plustheherd

  • Erika

    #happynationaldogday @life_of_lucyy the best thing that ever happened to me ❤️

  • Rachel MP

    here’s my little blue nose named Bowzer. He enjoys rolling around in human feces in Central Park and stealing my black bras, leaving them sprawled around the house. He gleefully steals items from the garbage and hides them underneath furniture. He cries when little dogs bark at him. #nationaldogday @poonsicle

  • Maddie

    @Violetsvoice14 is my instagram name and spreading lovabull awareness on #nationaldogday is my game! My mom decided that to celebrate national dog day, she wanted to share how she spreads lovabull awareness!

  • Nicole Amalfe

    This is my bully girl Macee Star! I posted the one picture of us in her crate (just taken last night). She completely tore her ACL and is having surgery tomorrow :o( Happy #NationalDogDay She is going to be (even more) spoiled with homemade cookies and chicken meals for the next few weeks! Post for Macee <3

    @pitbullinstagram @kjelvina @a_nikkilynn

  • Kelly Schmidt

    Meet my loving, sweet, compassionate, strong willed Bella! Today we celebrate 4 weeks cancer free! Four weeks ago, she got her leg amputated only hoping for postive results. All her cancer is gone and she is killing it with 3 legs! #nationaldogday @kelzzzz123

  • Amy Jenson Willoughby

    This is Axle, our lovabull 4 yr old rescue. @PurrsnWags

  • Gisele

    Rambo the minpin and Maggie the bully
    Best buds just chillin eating carrots.
    @giseledmorris #nationaldogday

  • Ashley MacDonald

    Shared on my Facebook. We recently (two weeks ago) had to put our love able Jada Jo down. She had cancer and the mass had attached to her heart and could not be operated on. A week later we added Frankie Ja to our family. She is a pistol and a handful and we could not be happier. We will always have a home for these amazing creatures. #NationalDogDay @ALT3784.

  • Rachael Davis

    Georgia’s ready to spread the love on National dog day!
    @xo.rachaeldavis on Instagram to see more fun photos

  • Erika

    @life_of_lucyy I love this dog more than anything and I’m so proud that she proves to people every day that bully breeds are one of the best kinds of dogs to have ❤️

  • Terry Moreno Toste

    #nationaldogday with my baby Gansett. She’s a rescue from NYC and the love of our lives

  • Corrinia Bonk

    This is Elwood, my 3 year old pit. He is the goofiest pup I have even had the pleasure of knowing/loving. Couldn’t imagine my life without it, it would be so boring! ❤️ @c__yoncee

  • Sofia Ramirez

    I am so happy to have this guy in my life 🙂 he is the best puppy anyone could ask for and I am so great full! Happy #Nationaldogday 😀 love you Petey… @koala_bear369

  • Erin Barton

    Miss Willow played in the wet grass and mud! #NationalDogDay #11weeks