Zorro the Lovabull

Zorro the Lovabull
Via @jbh5869 on Instagram

Our #LovabullStory is that of a Pittie pup who has changed our lives. We got our pit when he was 10 weeks old. He is now 3 years old. I was involved in a critical incident some years ago and occasionally have some breakdowns because of it.

Our lovabull actually knows when I’m in a bad mood and will cuddle up real tight to me and it actually makes me feel so much better. When I get upset, I say a certain word. When our lovabull Zorro hears this word he immediately jumps in my lap and starts to lick my face as if to say “it’s ok dad, I love you.”

This makes me laugh and within seconds I’m in a better mood. I couldn’t imagine our life without this guy. He has become somewhat of a therapy dog for us and has won our hearts over forever!


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