This Is Why Franklin County Shelter’s Assessment Process MUST Change

I have zero interest in negativity or drama. But I do believe (with total conviction) that WE ALL have a RESPONSIBILITY and a DUTY to protect the defenseless AND to speak up for those without a voice – even if that creates some discomfort (and especially when lives are at stake, as in this case).

And sometimes that means speaking with the media in an effort to provide much needed transparency to a public who deserves it, and who has been deprived of it.

You see, even though things have improved some over the last year at the Franklin County Dog Shelter, the fact remains that too many dogs continue to be euthanized each and every month – and for highly questionable reasons…

And these lives are TOO PRECIOUS and TOO VALUABLE to ignore.

Wouldn’t you agree???

THE GOOD NEWS IS that these are all very fixable problems. The solution is working together (the shelter, the county and the community) to collaborate on improved policies and procedures at the shelter.

Over 6,300 of you have already signed a petition asking the shelter to update their faulty and outdated assessment process.

But that petition has been ignored by county decision makers (despite the efforts of so many) and dogs continue to be euthanized every single day.

THE COMMUNITY IS HERE (and has been). Thousands of us…

We are READY and WILLING to work respectfully, amicably and constructively (with the shelter) for the benefit of the dogs AND the citizens of Franklin County.

We have been waiting patiently for the shelter and the county to join us at the table. To date, our calls and emails have gone unreturned. We have been denied the right to speak at county meetings (which are advertised as “open to the public”).

But our cause is too important to be silenced.

And we remain hopeful that county leaders will put egos aside and respect the constituents who elected them by sitting down to discuss the aforementioned needed improvements.

If you agree and believe that 100 to 200+ dogs killed each and every month is TOO MUCH, please write and/or call the Franklin County Commissioners and respectfully ask them to join us at the table.

The precious lives of these dogs are MORE THAN WORTH IT.

Below is the video to part one of 10TV‘s story on the problems (and proposed solutions) at the Franklin County Dog Shelter.
Part 2 is coming soon.

Thank you kindly.

PS: HERE is a link to the petition to update Franklin County’s assessment process.